Assisted chest press

Assisted chest press
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    Professional fitness machine for exercising the pectoral muscles.

    • construction of solid material
    • solution design allows train pecs with both hands simultaneously or each hand separately or alternately, while maintaining proper ergonomic movement
    • shoulders are moving on ball bearings
    • design solution of the seat and backrest allows adjustability in order to carry out the exercise in the middle, top and bottom of the pectoral muscle.
    • displacement of the seat and backrest for easy and smooth positioning on polished stainless steel rod bearing the description. The chosen position provides spring pin
    • foot help to make exercise with bigger weights
    • wear surface of polished stainless steel
    • foot rest is made ​​of polished stainless steel
    • quiet and flexible contact of the weights provide rubber mounting blocks
    • rollers are stored in ball bearings

    Width: 180 cm
    Length: 190 cm
    Height: 160 cm
    Total weight: 150 kg