Calf Machine

Calf Machine
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    Calf Machine designed for practicing calves, shoulders and thighs

    • construction of solid material
    • non-slip aluminium tread surface
    • on the most exposed places, double-resistant synthetic leather
    • height adjustable arm with the designation of positions, made of polished stainless steel, you can practice more muscle groups
    • chosen position provides the spring pin
    • calibrated weights running on polished stainless steel rods is provided with sliding sleeves and lining ensuring quiet operation
    • weight is graded by weight and is located and protected in the design of the machine
    • quiet and smooth transfers by special rubber belts with steel fibers
    • quiet and flexible contact of the weights provide rubber mounting blocks

    Width: 190 cm
    Length: 100 cm
    Height: 230 cm
    Weight of weights: 108 kg
    Total weight: 275 kg